Poetry Group Report Oct 06


We were a bit thin on the ground this month, with several people away or unwell. We did however have a fun time discovering John Betjeman 'again' and 4 members have written poems about  'The Village Hall'  to commemorate the official opening of the hall on the 20th Oct 06.  These poems  will be included as part of the display being set up for the   official opening  of Hullavington village hall, by James Gray MP,  To see the poems click (here)

Next month, November 8th we will be reading, perusing, discussing etc the works of the Victorian poetess Christine Rossetti, and the theme will be 'warmth' if anyone feels the urge to try their hand


Anyone wishing to come along to the poetry group will be most welcome.
For full details  click (here)
Eileen Fry

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