Poetry Group Report Oct 07

The October meeting went very well, although there were 3 members away on holiday, and a couple unable to make it. We now have about 16 members, so it seems to be worthwhile. It was good to celebrate our first anniversary with the 'Verse to Worse' evening during HarFest; it probably showed that we have quite a lot of talent in the group.
In October we discussed Walter de la Mere, and finished by all taking turns to read the famous poem of his 'The Listeners'  'Is there anybody there ?'  The theme was Home, and 4 of us wrote on that theme, and I have attached them for you.
I am sure that the group would be very interested in the  local poem that you found recently, and it would be good if I could take it for next months meeting. The poet for November will be Hillaire Belloc, and the theme 'if'. Bob Fenner will research Belloc's Biography for us, and also we have decided to try and improve our knowledge of various types of poems, starting with 'the sonnet'.

Poems from the group: