by Eileen FGry


I wish the flipping sun wouldnít shine

The windows need cleaning, and I havenít the time.

I wish the house wasnít flooded with light

The cobwebs in corners look a terrible sight!

The spring rays of sun are really a pain

Iíll have to do dusting all over again.

All through the wintersí dark ,dark days

Iíve slipped into such dreadful lazy ways.

The insidious sun shines brighter than ever

Spring-cleaning is something Iíll never do ever!

It doesnít just show up my homeís dirt and dust

The weeds in the garden are doing their worst.

Dead Daffodil heads all over the lawn

And whatís more it looks like itís time to be mown.

I get woken at dawn by a chorus of song

And for the rest of the day, everythingís wrong!

A Poet called Wordsworth long,long ago

Extolled Springs virtues and flowers that grew,

I often wish I had such passion for Spring

Itís just that I canít stand the whole flipping thing!!!


Eileen  Fry  2007