Springtime Will Come.

By Rita Croft


Daffodils, crocuses, tulips and primroses,

Buds bursting forth everywhere.

This new life thatís growing

Is gradually showing

That springtime is now in the air

And look! In my garden

Just there, on the edge

Peeping from under my thick, leafy hedge

Some delicate violets with soft purple hue

I thought they had died

But theyíre flowering anew.


But, do you remember how two weeks ago

The winter crept back with a fresh fall of snow?

Was spring now deceiving us

Suddenly leaving us?

Was she not ready to stay?

Would flowers survive?

Would new plants now thrive?

What caused her to shrink right away?


Oh, winter and spring Ė you frolic together,

Conspire with each other to mix up our weather.

It doesnít amuse us

You trick and confuse us

Itís warm then itís chilly

Your antics seem silly,

We put away gloves and scarves in the drawer

Then winter sneaks back

And we need them once more!


But winter and spring

Have now stopped conspiring

They no longer frolic

For winterís retiring

He no longer wishes to tease and to jest

His strength has subsided

Heís ready to rest.

Heís handed the throne

To springtime alone

And she like a Queen with grace and with beauty

Will show us sheís ready to take on her duty

To bring forth more flowers

And dress up the trees

With sweet- scented blossom

Which floats on the breeze.

So, lift up your voice and let your heart sing

And praise with elation the splendour or Spring!       


     Rita Croft