At the Hall (with apologies to Paul Simon)

By Maggie Dyson

Someone told me it's all happening at the Hall
I do believe them, I do believe them all.

It's a long and winding journey
From the Parklands to Hill Hayes,
Join the fine and fancy Ramblers
In the Hall.
You can take the Malmesbury bus-route
If it's raining or it's cold
And Hullavington will love you, love you all.

The Bowls Club stand for honesty,
The Ramblers are sincerity
The Line-dancers are kindly
And they're fun.
The Neighbourhood are sceptical
Of changes in Hill Hayes,
But the lively Hall is not to be outdone.
There's a sparkling group for poetry
Golden Threads before senility
Women's Institute gentility
Film Club perspicacity
Ballroom dance agility
Body sculpt for mobility
Cakes and coffee served here frequently.
Come and have a ball
At the Village Hall.

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