Alison Ayliffe. Nov. 2007


If only I felt clever enough to be confident and assured

I might be happy and mature.

If only I claimed a natural talent in the Arts I would be so pleased

Playing my piano, with flare and expertise would inspire my audience

 to persevere themselves.

The ability to construct a fine poem, with rhyme and good sense.

I would aim to become an Egghead contestant, or take on Ann Robinson.

I can imagine my skills on the dance floor would mean

I could Foxtrot, Waltz and perform a fine Salsa

With top marks on T.V.

But thatís it, then I am just as I am

Flawed, greedy, weak Ė willed and seventy plus

And I pray very hard that the Fish and chip man

Will not run out of supper

Before I reach the head of the queue.



If only the New York marathon this year, for Paula Radcliffe

Would turn her into

The BBC Sports Person of the year.

This tiny word Ďifí

So wistful and wan

Speaking such volumes of sound sense itís true,

None of us is perfect

So thatís a relief

Maybe we compete with ourselves only,

And that is enough.


Alison Ayliffe. Nov. 2007