Two Ifs.

Rita croft

If I had ninety million pounds,

Id buy a huge mansion with acres of grounds.

Id hold splendid banquets

Id invite foreign kings

And show off my jewellery

And diamond rings.

I neednt work hard, Id just be a loafer

And often Id summon a very smart chauffeur

To drive me in style

To the fashionable towns

Where Id purchase some beautiful chic evening gowns.

Id move up from being just one of the plebs

To mixing with film stars and glitzy celebs.

I wouldnt be seen eating junk food or chips

Id eat out in style with my friends at the Ritz.

Id dine on fine wine

And high-class cuisine

And then Id sail home

In my smart limousine.

Id then read Whos Who for that would be vital

As, now Id be mixing with folks with a title.

I might do some work just one day a week

Perhaps I would open a trendy Boutique.

Just think, just imagine

How grand that would be

Living a life of pure luxury.

So, now Ive decided that this is my mission:

To be very rich yes, thats my ambition.


if I just had a tiny flat,

Id be so overjoyed with that.

Id buy an old sofa,

A squashy armchair.

They wouldnt be new

But I just wouldnt care.

I really cant say I would not mind at all

If I didnt have a carpet to fit wall to wall

Perhaps I could manage a second hand rug

Id display some dried leaves

In my mums old cracked jug.

A large sturdy box

Would serve as my table

Until I were richer

And then Id be able

To buy something better

Yes, something more grand

But then, it would probably be second-hand!

I do not crave for more and more

Though I sometimes wish I werent so poor

How do you measure, achievement, success ?

By wealth or by fame or by great happiness ?

I couldnt survive without a true friend

Someone whos loyal, on whom I depend.

And if a good friend is what I can be

Then, that would be very important to me.

So, honestly, I just do not care

If Im not a multi-millionaire.

Ill search and pray that I might find

The greatest gift

Thats peace of mind


Rita Croft.  Nov.2007