Websites of the Month

Jan 2007

http://www.research.att.com/~ttsweb/tts/demo.php.       Neat website this. You type in what you want to say in English and it translates  it into the language you select and speak, s yes speaks,  it back to you. Thanks to Bob Fenner for  finding this one

Nov 2006

http://www.theonion.com/content/  US News spoof news channel
http://www.stop-idfraud.co.uk/   Brings the risk of identity fraud home to you and provides useful  counter measures. Provided by Bob Fenner
http://www.boratonline.co.uk/    Very  amusing un-PC humour.  Don't go there if  you not into it.  provided by   by Roger Parnaby
 http://www.seat61.com/  Incredible site this.  It provides  railway  journey plans for anywhere in the world. I had it find me a  rail route from Chippenham  to  the Pacific coast of Russia and it did it, and then it showed me how to get from there to  Tokyo by Car  Ferry. It provided all the changes, cost, and other info.  Well worth a visit .  Provided by Frank Birlison   
It's Britain's largest family tree and genealogy site so if you want to begin to build your own family tree, by linking into the claimed 75,000,000 names on the site's database, begin work now.  You may find that you're actually related to Dick Turpin, Archbishop Cranmer, or Jack the Ripper!. Provided by Bob Fenner

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